2nd year Chemistry Guess Paper 2021: AQ Academy presents guaranteed successful help in this critical situation for the students of Covid-19 to prepare themselves.

Class:  2nd Year                                     Paper: Chemistry Full

Guess Paper 2021

Circle the correct answer.                             (1*17=17)

1. Which of the following are alkaline earth metals?

(A) Be, Mg, Ca (B) Li, Na, K (C) Fe, CO, Ni (D) B, Al, Ga

2. Which is the longest period of periodic table:-

(A) 4 (B) 5 (C) 6 (D) 7

3. Mark the correct statement:

(A) Electron affinity is a measure of energy required to remove the electron.

(B) Electron affinity is a measure of energy released by adding an electron.

(C) Electron affinity is a measure of energy required to excite an electron.

(D) Electron affinity is measure of energy released by removing an electron.

4. The aqueous solution of Borax:

(A) Acidic (B) Alkaline (C) Amphoteric (D) Manual

5. Which is the strongest acid?

(A) HCIO (B) HClO2(C) HClO3(D) HClO4

6. Which one is chlorous acid?

(A) HCIO (B) HClO2(C) HClO3(D) HClO4

7. Maximum number of unpaired elections are in cation:

(A) Ni2+ (B) Co2+ (C) Mn2+ (D) Fe2+

8. Which one of the following is an amide?

(A) (NH2)2CO (B) NH .C H3(C) C6H5NH2(D) N(CH3)3

9. –SH Functional group is called:

(A) Cyano (B) Mercapto (C) Nitro (D) Carboxyl

10. The state of hybridization of “C” in ethane is:

(A) SP (B) sp2 (C) dsp2 (D) sp3

11. A double bond consists of:

(A) Two sigma bonds (B) One sigma and one pi bond (C) One sigma and two Pi-bonds

(D) Two Pi-bonds

12. The conversion of n-hexane into benzene by heating in the presence of Pt is called:

(A) Isomerization (B) Aromatization (C) Dealkylation (D) Rearrangement

13. ………compound shows extensive hydrogen bonding with water:

(A) C2H6(B) H S2(C) C2H5OH (D) CH3 Cl

14. Which of the following ester has orange flavour?

(A) Amyl acetate (B) Benzyl acetate (C) Amyl butyrate (D) Octyl acetate

15. The macronutrients are required in quantities ranging from:

(A) 4-40 kg per acre (B) 10-100 kg per acre (C) 5-100 kg per acre (D) 5-200 kg per acre

16. Which three elements are needed for healthy growth of Plants?

(A) N,S,P (B) N,Ca,P (C) N,P,K (D) N,K,C

17. One of following is argillaceous material:

(A) Marble (B) Clay (C) Lime (D) Marine Shell

MCQs Ans Key

Q:1 (A) Q:2 (C) Q:3 (B) Q:4 (B) Q:5 (D) Q:6 (B)

Q:7 (D) Q:8 (A) Q:9 (B) Q:10 (D) Q:11 (B) Q:12 (B)

Q:13 (C) Q:14 (D) Q:15 (D) Q:16 (C) Q:17 (B)


2- Write short answers to any EIGHT (8) of the following questions. (8×2=16)

  • Give two similar properties of Lithium and Magnesium?
  • What is Borax Bead Test?
  • Why are borate glazes preferred over silicate glazes?
  • Give names and formulas of oxyacids of phosphorous.
  • Why Iodine has metallic luster?
  • HF is a weak acid. Why?
  • How bleaching powder can act as an oxidizing agent?
  • How do transition elements display colour?
  • What is meant by Cis and trans Isomers?
  • What is catalytic hydrogenation? Give an example.
  • Give oxidation of Primary and secondary alcohols.
  • Describe mechanism of aldol condensation.

3- Write short answers to any EIGHT (8) of the following questions. (8×2=16)

  • How do you justify the position of hydrogen at the top of various groups?
  • Under what conditions aluminium get corrodes?
  • Why is there no free rotation about a double bond but a free rotation about a single bond?
  • How does Acetylene react with HBr?
  • How Acetophenone can be obtained from benzene.
  • What is the role of carbonium ion in determining the mechanism of substitution reaction?
  • Give any four uses of methyl alcohol.
  • How will you distinguish between an alcohol and a phenol.
  • What is sodium Nitroprusside Test?
  • Write the structural formulas of these compounds: (i) Phthalic acid (ii) Acetic anhydride
  • Write any four uses of acetic acid.
  • What are prospects of fertilizer industry in Pakistan?

4- Write short answers to any SIX (6) of the following questions. (6×2=12)

  • Why do metals conduct electricity?
  • What is lanthanide contraction?
  • Why Ionization energy decreases down the group and increases along a period?
  • Write any two points of difference of Be with its family members.
  • H2SO4 behaves as an acid. Write two reactions to illustrate the truth.
  • Why compounds containing (C=C) bond show geometric isomerism?
  • How would you prepare acetone from propyne?
  • Write down the structural formulas of the: (a) Sodium Ethoxide (b) Sodium Phenoxide
  • What is glacial acetic acid?


Attempt any THREE (3) questions. (3×8=24)

5.(a) Explain peculiar behaviour of Beryllium?

(b) How will you make the following conversions from an alkene.

 (i) 2-Bromopropane (ii) 2-Bromo-2-methyl propane

(iii) 2-Propanol (iv) Propylene oxide

6.(a) Convert acetylene into glyoxal and chloroprene.

(b) Write the chemical reaction of ethene with the following.

(i) HCl (ii) Br2 (iii) O3 (iv) HOX

7.(a) How will you convert: a) Ethene to Ethanal b) Ethanol to 2-Butanone

(b) Write reactions of ethene with:

a)HOCl b) dil. KMnO4 c) Ozone d) S2Cl2

8.(a) Describe the structure of Benzene on the basis of Resonance method.

(b) Convert i) Methanol to Ethanol ii) ethanol to methanol

9.(a) Give any eight differences of “Li” from other Alkali metals.

(b) Write a note on Cannizzarro’s reaction.


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