Discuss Hemingway’s Fictional Technique In ” For Whom The Bell Tolls”. Hemingway is a great writer and novelist. His writing style is different and unique. He narrates any story in its original meanings and textures. While narrating any novel or short story, he seems to be an inspired reporter. He tries his best to avoid the irrelevant issues and details of any matter of life. His narrating style is famous for an extremity in the dialogues while narrating any issue in a story, he tries to make his sentences or dialogues economical and pithy.

He does not use long sentences or dialogues in his art of narration. That’s why his dialogues have the quality of simplicity, utmost economy and colloquial quality. Due to his simple and masculine literary style of narration, he has become the most readable modern American writer. He is also a master or expert in maintaining the atmosphere of suspense and horror in their full swing up to the end.

It is by the virtue of his simple style of narration that an average reader can easily understand his view point in any novel. Moreover, Hemingway is also a master of using the technique of symbolism in his novels. His novel is always full of many symbolic interpretations of the facts. It is one of the most striking qualities of his fictional style that he makes intensive use of symbols.

In any one of his novel as “The Old · Man and the Sea,” “A Farewell to Arms,” “The Fifth Column” and “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, there can be found many symbolic signs. In his novels not only the characters but also the situations and environments are used as symbols. For whom the Bell Tolls is not exempted in these symbolic presentations.

Here, we can find several symbolic presentations in his fictional technique. Robert Jordan, an American, fights against the Fascist’s forces with the help of guerrillas who have to blow up the bridge. Here we see that Jordan stands for Hemingway because Hemingway has presented himself through this character. Like Jordan,, Hemingway himself is an American. Hemingway himself participated in Spanish war and was in the favour of loyalists. Whatever did Hemingway in his army life of army, same did Jordan in his life as a soldier. In the case. of Maria, the heroine of the novel, we see that she falls in love with Robert Jordan.

As a matter of her plight is concerned, she is a representative of ruined and pitiable Spain. She not only became the victim of the cruelties, atrocities, and suppression of the fascists but was also badly raped by them.

In the closing scene of the novel when Agustin wanted to know whether Jordan would like to shoot him to save him from the pain of a slow death or not Robert Jordan firmly believes that there is still a greater chance of the safety of the band in which Maria is traveling. In fact, he is not trying to help Maria but he gives life to protect Spain. He actually sacrifices his life for Maria. The risky task of blowing up the bridge stands for the aim of life and a man has to struggle a lot and hard to get the goal.

It is a great fact of life that one has to face many difficulties and hardships on the way. Although he has limited resources yet he has to do everything for getting his goal. Pablo steals Jordan’s equipment on the eve of the operation and thus makes Jordan’s task difficult. There also starts snow falling at one occasion which also represents hardships.

The presentation of character portrayal of Pablo also adds a lot to Hemingway’s fictional technique. His presentation(role) stands for man’s. fate. His act of stealing Jordan’s equipment and of opposing his plan of blowing up the bridge symbolises a cruel fate at work. But at the end of the novel, his decision of helping Jordan in blowing up the bridge shows a friendly and smooth face of fate.

To conclude this topic, as Discuss Hemingway’s Fictional Technique has all the great traits, qualities and stylistic features of a great fictional writer or novelist. Through the lavish use of symbolism interpretations, he conveys the subject matter or theme of any novel in an easy and understandable way for the readers as well as audience.


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