English Essays


Total Marks: 100
Time Allowed: 3 hours

Content of English Essays CSS Syllabus

Candidates will be required to write one or more essays.

A wide selection of points will be given. Applicants are relied upon to reflect exhaustive and investigate put together information with respect to a chose subject. Competitor’s verbalization, articulation and specialized treatment of the style of English Essay composing will be analyzed.

Up-and-comers square measure expected to imitate extensive and examine put together information with respect to a particular point. Applicant’s verbalization, articulation and specialized treatment of the style will inspected through English Essay composing.

Important Essays

Past Papers



Composing an exposition is a pivotal segment of the C.S.S. Serious Examination.

Prospectuses for C.S.S. Serious Examination 2016 and Onwards in its Scheme of CSS

Serious Examination gives the accompanying guidelines identifying with the Essay Paper:

“Up-and-comers will be required to think of at least one Essay in English. A wide

selection of themes will be given.

Competitors are relied upon to reflect complete and investigate based

information on a chose subject. Up-and-comer’s verbalization, articulation and

specialized treatment of style of Essay composing is analyzed.”

2. Most recent couple of years execution of competitors in English Essay paper under CSS

Serious Examination has not been as acceptable as in different papers. A portion of the

extricates from the inspectors’ reports, featuring the shortcomings and normal mix-ups

in paper composing, are replicated underneath for the general data and direction of the


CSS CE-2014: Question paper was set to assess the presentation of the

applicants as far as their reasonable, etymological and composing

skills, however normal patterns watched were absence of calculated clearness,

shallow information on subject, linguistic slip-ups, and improper

decision of jargon and generalization answers. Dominant part of the applicants

didn’t follow the standards of angry talk and composed detached

sentences as opposed to in strong passages. The capacity required in CSS is

broad perusing, all encompassing and obvious exhibition approach in the

subject however greater part did not have these attributes.”

CSS CE-2016: The exhibition in English Essay was unacceptable. A

critical greater part flopped in the subject. Thoughts introduced were arbitrary. The

contention was with no consistent thinking or research based realities. There

was neither rationality nor inventiveness. The applicants were neither ready to

assemble a contention from numerous edges nor proved it with realities. The

blueprint of Essay was not appropriately organized. In many answer contents,

angles referenced in the blueprint were not talked about in the Essay.

CSS CE-2017: The standard Essay was inspected on balance of

argumentation, substance, language and scholarly signifier. The quality and

level of basic argumentation all in all was poor. The greater part of the

applicants couldn’t recognize the lethargic conflict in themes. In

most papers content were lacking and immaterial. Most stressing perspective

of Essays was an inappropriate utilization of English language. The sentence structure

was incredibly imperfect. Besides linguistic and spellings botches were

overflowing. The scholarly degree of articles was fair and competitors were

incapable to try and handle the subject of the article.


CSS CE-2018: Candidates were at their best in themes including basic and

abstract methodology for example in points like Democracy in Pakistan: Hopes and

Obstacles, Rule of Law, Safeguarding Human Rights and Civil Liberties

during Fight against Terrorism and Corruption and so forth. Then again, in

themes that were of target nature (Global Warming/CPEC), dependence on

packed information, dull dreariness and reiteration of cliché

data was watched. A critical number of the up-and-comers didn’t

have an away from of the fundamentals of a far reaching exposition or the highlights

which separate an exposition from different types of composing. Applicants must

think about the characteristics of a standard Essay and the standard expected by

the Commission in the Competitive Exam.

3. For assistance and direction of the CSS hopefuls, some exceptionally presumed

educationists/analysts were approached to impart insights with respect to what is

expected of a decent exposition and what mix-ups are to be stayed away from. A portion of the

rules gave by these specialists are replicated in the following paras. It ought to

be noticed that these perceptions/statements are perspectives on the person

educationists and not the official remedy of FPSC. It is the sole prudence

of the contender to follow these rules. The equivalent can’t be cited as a set

of standard at any discussion.

Subject Expert/Examiner – I

a) Proper start with a minimal and explained point sentence that must

mirror the up-and-comers away from of the point.

b) Correct and perfect language.

c) Use of suitable jargon

d) Literacy and informal articulation

e) Use of important phrasing if necessary

f) Selection of important musings

g) Logical association of thoughts.

h) Coherence in course of action of material/passages

I) Cohesion being developed of contention arriving at the resolution

j) Clarity in language, thoughts, discussion and finish.

k) Comprehensiveness

l) Logical introduction of the contention

m) Standard measuring according to necessity

n) Avoidance of an excessive amount of grant

o) Through colleague with the idea of inquiry i.e theme

p) Quotation, when utilized, must be very much set and significant

q) Impressive completion

Subject Expert/Examiner – II

an) A decent exposition should reflect packed data or adademic

information about the theme. It ought to rather enlighten us regarding the essayist’s close to home

emotions or contemplations about it, and his capacity to change over these sentiments and

considerations into contentions for persuading the perusers.

b) It ought to act naturally contained and clear as crystal: not relying upon any outside

hotspot for its fundamental cognizance.

c) Its essential position ought to be imaginative, basic and systematic as opposed to account

or on the other hand distinct.


d) It ought to contain a brought together and reasonable conversation on a specific point

(carefully as per the wording of the title), with no diversion or


e) It should work through setting up the essayist’s very own remain about the

subject, and proving that remain with persuading contentions.

f) It ought to be smaller and compact, with no free developments or pointless


g) It ought to have a fair body, with a start, center and end-every one

filling its own particular need.

h) It should function as a unit of impression as in the effect of the

starting is still crisp when the peruser arrives at the end.

I) It ought to be a familiar book with regular linkage among parts and passages, with

no disconnected or isolated parts.

Subject Expert/Examiner III

a) Relevance

b) Structure

c) How to deal with a contention or to be contentious

d) Counter-survey the contention

e) Avoid pointlessness

f) English – non-literal and figurative

g) How to pitch your predisposition

h) How to dodge misleading thoughts

I) How to show contrast among explicit and general thoughts

j) Paragraph progress (generally significant)

Subject Expert/Examiner IV

an) Answer the specific request set, rather than showing information that is

exhaustively critical to the subject.

b) Have a sensible dispute or perspective, so the inspector knows from the

start what the competitor intends to state, and can follow the headway of

his/her conflict all through the simple.

c) Be basic and diagnostic explaining why something is basic, rather than

essentially portraying what researchers have said.

d) Provide reasons, taking into account sound confirmation, to support the essential conflict.

e) Have great paragraphing: the essential worry of every section is introduced

indisputably, and segments seek after reasonably from each other.

f) Evaluate exchange perspective: it weighs up the relative worth or significance

of different viewpoints or hypotheses, evaluating the key conflicts and verification

for these, and explaining why one part of conflicts, reasons or verification is more

convincing than others.

g) Refer to theories and perspectives essential to the request, indicating a

cognizance of the criticalness of these to the subject.

h) Include references: where material, cautious references (names and dates).

I) Be specific: it joins just the information and detail that is generally appropriate to

reacting to the request, and disregards less significant material.

j) Be made unquestionably and to the point, without waffle, emphasis,

spectacular hypotheses, lofty language, pointless language, or

singular stories.


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