OPTIONAL SUBJECTS; The base standard of discretionary subjects will be that of a respect’s level of a college in Pakistan. The up-and-comers are required to choose Optional subjects conveying a sum of 600 imprints.

2.British History

British History is an optional Subject gives the knowledge about the All Resolutions,Wars, colonies and all aspects of nation surviving.

3.Constitutional law

Constitutional Law Syllabus Contents Are; Definition and Scope of Constitutional Law,Principles of Constitutional Law,

4.Gender studies

Gender Studies Syllabus Contents are;Introduction to Gender Studies, Social Construction of Gender, Feminist Theories and Practice, Feminist Movements, Gender and Development, Status of Women in Pakistan, Gender and Governance, Case Studies, And so on.

5.Government & Public Policies

Government And Public Polices Syllabus Contents Are; Basic Concepts of Governance, Governance Indicators, Public Policy and Planning Institutions and their role in Planning, Accountability, Bureaucracy, Public Policy Formulation and Implementation, Multi-level Governance in Pakistan, And so on…

6.History of Pak Indo

History Of Pakistan And India Syllabus contents are; Muslim Rule and Heritage in India (712-1857), British Rule in India: 1857-1947, Constitutional and Political Reforms of the British Government (1858-1947), Muslim Struggle for Independence, Pakistan Movement, History of Pakistan (1947- To date), And so on.

7.History of the USA

History Of USA:- Introduction:- · From ancient times to 1492 · Advent of the Europeans to British supremacy (1492-1606) II. The USA as a British Colony..

8.International Law

International Law For CSS And PMS; The Universal law, otherwise called open global law and law of countries, is the arrangement of rules, standards, and principles by and large acknowledged in relations between countries.

9.International relation

International Relation Syllabus contents Are; Presentation, Hypotheses and Approaches, Worldwide Political Security, Key Approach to International Relations, Worldwide Political Economy, Worldwide political network, Ways to deal with Peace, and so on.

10.Islamic History & culture

Islamic History And Culture about The authentic setting of Islam concerns the political, social, money related and social enhancements of Islamic human advancement.

11.Journalism & mass communication

Journalism and Mass Communication is a route toward giving and exchanging information through wide interchanges to enormous segments of the people. It is regularly grasped for relating to various kinds of media, as these advancements are used for the spread of information.

12.Political science

Political Science Syllabus 2021 Contents are; Comparative and Analytical Study of Political Systems, Global and Regional Integration, Comparative and Analytical Study of Political Systems, Political Movements in India (Colonial Period), Government and Politics in Pakistan, International Relations, And etc.

13.Public Administration

Public Administration Syllabus 2021; CONTENTS are; Pre-Islamic Near East: An Overview, The Dawn of Islam: The Prophetic Age (570-632), The Pious Caliphate (632-660), Political System of Islam under the Prophet (PBUH) and the Pious Caliphate, Institutional Development of the Muslim Civilization: The Early Phase (622-660), and Part II .



Sociology is the study of society, social organizations, and social connections in particular: the deliberate investigation of the improvement, structure, communication, and aggregate conduct of sorted out gatherings of people.

16.Urdu Literature

17.Town planning & Urban Management

18.Agriculture And Forestry

Agriculture And Forestry is about the Land,Field,Medicine, and Cultivated Harvesting.

List of Countries and Capitals of World Geography

List of Countries and Capitals of World Geography paper of both CSS and PMS Exams. Formerly, It dealt with conditions and circumstances of National and International. But now syllabus of CSS deals mostly with the present time. So, here are the some major and important list of Countries and Capitals of World Geography which contains images, important quotes, past papers.



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