PHYSICS Class 9 All Chapters Notes are available here. As we know that Education is getting harder step by step. As time passes, new points are being presented in the subjects. Among all subjects, Science is viewed as one of the mind boggling subjects by understudies as it is tied in with living and non living just as protracted equations which are difficult for the understudies to recall. The opposition is likewise at its pinnacle which focuses on the understudies to score more than the contender peer. We have seen numerous inquiries for Class 9 Science notes. So observing the interest, we have thought of the drafted notes in such a manner for the class 9 Science understudies that they can comprehend the language and the idea themselves with no one’s help.

If you are in search of PHYSICS Class 9 All Chapters Notes which includes the 9th physics Solved numerical problems, short questions, long questions and MCQs all is available here.

As a result, you are free to download the physics 9th class notes containing numerical, short questions, long questions and multiple choice question below and get the foremost of it. Not only keep this notes restricted to you but also, you must share along with your friends and loving ones. You might be thinking if I share with others, they’d get high marks. This life does not work like this. If you share along with your friends, Allah will reward you.

PHYSICS Class 9 All Chapters Notes

Unit 1. Physical Quantities & Measurement Notes

Unit 2. Kinematics Notes

Unit 3. Dynamics Notes

Unit 4. Turning Effect Of Forces Notes

Unit 5. Gravitation Notes

Unit 6. Work & Energy Notes

Unit 7. Properties of Matter Notes

Unit 8. Thermal Properties of Matter Notes

Unit 9. Transfer of Heat Notes


 Important short Questions

  1. Estimate your 14 years of age in seconds. 
  2. What is meant by Vernier Constants? 
  3. Define base and derived units give an example 
  4. What is the use of physical balance? 
  5. Define base and derived quantities and also give example. 
  6. Define scientific notation and express 0.00580 in scientific notation. 
  7. Write the four advantages of physics In our daily life? 
  8. What is physics and write down the names of the two branches?  
  9. What is meant by significant figures in a measurement? 
  10. What is meant by prefixes and give example? 
  11. Round off 1.38 and 1.45. 
  12. Why screws gauge measure more accurately than a Vernier Callipers? 
  13. Write down two rules to find significant figures? 
  14. Define mechanics and Geophysics.  
  15. Define the least count and vernier callipers and write the value of least count for Vernier Callipers 
  16. What do you know about the zero error? 
  17. What is meant by least count of screw gauge? 
  18. Define significant figures for any physical quantities. 
  19. What we shall obtain to round off the last digit from 1.36 and 1.45. 
  20. Why is the use of zero error necessary in measuring instrument? 
  21. How does a mechanical stopwatch work? 
  22. A screw gauge has 50 divisions on its circular scale. The pitch of the screw gauge in 0.5mm. What is the least count? 
  23. Define pitch of screw gauge. 
  24. Write names of seven base quantities. 
  25. What is meant by SI units? 
  26. Write down the formula to calculate the least count of the screw gauge. 
  27. Define term light.
  28. What is the use of measuring cylinder? 
  29. What is meant by zero error and zero correction? 
  30. Difference between plasma physics and geophysics. 
  31. Difference between a base and derived quantities. 
  32. How to use the digital stopwatch. 
  33. Define electromagnetism. 
  34. How to use meter rod? 


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