Relationship Between Man and Gods in “Oedipus Rex” Play presents in different way. In this renowned play, Sophocles has presented a true picture of Greek plays. The deep analysis or study of the most of the Greek plays shows that characters in Greek plays are always predestined to do or perform any role or thing in their lives. Greek people have firm and shaky belief in the sayings, prophecies and oracles of gods. They utterly believe that whatever right or wrong is done with human beings has already been written in the fate or destiny of a man. As a result, most of the great writers and poets of Greek literature, often show a man (character) as a puppet in the hands of fate and Relationship Between Man and Gods which outlined in the oracles (prophecies) of Greek gods.

This very presentation (thing) shows the fact of God’s having great influence (hold) on the intelligence, thinking activities and performances of the lives of Greek people. The history of Greek Literature shows that people used to visit the temples of great gods and get to know about the onward happenings, activities and occurring events and incidents of their coming lives. Here, one thing (point) is worthy to note that whatever once is prophesied or made in the oracle of someone; he utterly starts taking it as his ultimate fate or doom to be happened at any cost.

Moreover, he started regarding any slight violation by him as a great sin, irreverence and disrespect to sacred gods. Whatever has been mentioned above, is clearly proved in the whole course of the action of the Greek tragic play, Oedipus Rex. Which shows the Relationship Between Man and Gods.

As we start studying this very Greek play, we come to know that the life of King Oedipus from the very birth to the end is outlined in the oracle_ prophesied by the great Apallo. According to the Oracle, a son would born in King Lauis family, kill his own father, marry his own mother and beget children. Whatever is said by Oracle, we see that same is happened in Oedipus’s life. In spite of Lauis throwing the very newly born son away in the forests (mountains) for death in the infancy, the prediction in Apallo’s oracle has to be made true.

One of the attendants who brings the infant son of the king on the mountains, takes pity and mercy on the infant and hands it over to a passing sheferd. The shelford hands this infant to the king and queen of Corinth. Here Oedipus is grown up and on being provoked by the people on the issue of the identity of his real parents, Oedipus resorts to Apallo at Delphi. Apallo, watching Oedipus, at once prophecies by saying that he will kill his father, marry his mother and beget children.

In an utter state of anxiety, Oedipus firmly decides that he would not go back to Corinth lest he should kill his father and marry with his mother. Oedipus starts going away Corinth and reaches at a place where three roads meet. Here he falls in with four passers by on the issue of taking the way first. Oedipus kills the three persons out of the four. The fourth one flees away and comes back to Thebes. Among the three murdered persons, Oedipus has also killed his own real father unknowingly.

After it, Oedipus keeps on advancing and enters Thebes. As the former King Lauis has already been murdered by king unconsciously and unknowingly. The Thebeans want a handsome, gigantic and powerful man like their murdered king. Being a son of Lauis, Oedipus has the same physical appearance as Louis had. Hence, Oedipus as an unknown man is choosen as king by the Thebans and got married to queen Jocasta.

Here we see that the verdict or prediction of Oracle has been made true. In spite of Oedipu’s self efforts of escaping from the shackles of the prophecy of Apallo, is done to execute that which Apallo predicts.

The deep analysis of this drama proves that it is a tragedy of destiny or fate. But, it is also our beliefs being Muslims) that everything is not only governed in one’s life by fate but Allah has also bestowed the authority of choosing the right and wrong to man. It is very clear that Oedipus’ blindness is self committed and voluntary. He was fated to commit parricide and incest; but is very obvious that some of the action, he committed by fate but he is also free to do everything freely.

But, in ancient Greek plays, we see that the character’s actions and roles are pre-outlined or pre-destined on the solid basis of the oracles predicted by Greek gods. The characters in such plays prove the solid relation between man and gods. The writers of such Greek plays do so in order to provoke reverence, respect and esteem of sacred Greek gods in their people.


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