John Donne Love Poetry (Poet of love)


John Donne Love Poetry

His age adventures are reflected by the love poetry of John Donne. John Donne has focused his attention. Readers witness feelings of the poet, emotions, and experiences in sonnets, nonetheless, from Love Poems, the poet has exaggerated his feelings. Whereas, sooner or later, he talks concerning the adulterous nature of women he talks about the business of the beloved love is preferred by him on any matter of life. Nonetheless, later on, he changed his attitude. Collection of Heavenly Poems is the mirror of spirituality. He was mature enough to get the interest of his readers though a love poet, John Donne was mature yet poetically. 

Love Poems from John Donne are universal in character. Every poem spreads light on love relationship. Characteristics of Love Poetry of John Donne attributes are there in Donne’s poetry, which distinguish him. He was a poet of realism each poem narrates autobiography and personality of the poet. Hyperboles and conceits are remarkable in this regard. First among them is the cynical strain. His cynicism is related to unfaithfulness. In Catch A Falling Star and Go, he provides arguments to show that loyalty is rare in women. If, after doing attempts, he finds her, one can’t find a woman it’d have been altered until the poet reaches her.

John Donne can have experienced life from a wide-angle. But the truth is the experienced are only linked to love relationships. When his relationship doesn’t do more or the beloved betrays him, he becomes cynical. Thereby, cynicism is an essential strain in adores the poetry of John Donne.

Conjugal Love Strain

John Donne discovers peace and harmony in love. He sees it as a passion rather than a nasty work. Numerous poems by John Donne depict this strain. For example, Valediction: Of Weeping and Valediction: Forbidden Mourning is about spiritual peace. As an adore poet, John Donne has shown that adore is a part of life and without it, life’s barren and useless. 

Whenever he remembers the beloved, he attains peace and serenity. He can’t forget her nor the moments, that he’s spent with her. Therefore, a bundle of poems contain the conjugal adore strain. Platonic Strain: It’s the last, but the most crucial love strain. Love is love whether it’s made before marriage or after. There’s always spirituality in it. Donne has enhanced this strain and written Heavenly Poems. To exemplify, At The Sun Rising, the poet regards love as the best matter on this planet. 
Similarly, in Canonization, he takes adore as a holy passion.


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