Important Questions of Pakistan Studies CSS

Important Questions of Pakistan Studies CSS: Most repeated question of Pakistan Affairs: Pakistan Studies Important questions etc.

1 Importance of an ideology and basis of Pakistan Ideology?
2Pakistan Ideology
3Aims and Object of the Establishment of Pakistan.
4Pakistan Ideology and Allama Iqbal.
5Pakistan Ideology and Quaid-e-Azam.
6dvent of Islam in Sub-Continent.
7Muhammad bin Qasim attacks india.
8The spread of Islam in India and impact of Islam.
9Hindu nationalist movement
10 Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi.
11 Sheikh Ahmad efforts to purge Muslims society of Atheist values.
12 Sheikh Ahmad and Two- Nation concept.
13 Wahdat-ul-wajud and wahdat-ul-shahud.
14Hazrat Shah wali Ullah and his movements
15 Successors of Shah wali ullah
16Syed Ahmad Shaheed Brailvi.
17 Educational reforms by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.
18 Pioneers of Two- Nation theory and also the impact of educational reforms.
19  Dar-ul-Uloom-i-Deoband & Aligarh, Nadva-tul-Ulma of Lucknow.
20 Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam, Lhr
21 Formation of All-India Muslim League
22 Minto- Morley reforms.
23 Change in muslim Politics
24 Lucknow Pact, 1916
25 Khilafat movements and its importance and also its delegation
26 Nehru Report and Jinnah’s 14 Points.
27  Allahabad address of Allama Iqbal.
28 The Pakistan resolution.
29 Cripps Mission
30 Role of Women and students.
31 Redcliff’s Treachery
32 Redcliff’s Award-Kashmir and Canal Water Disputes
33 Kashmir Issue
34 Initial difficulties and important events in establishment of Pakistan
35 Efforts for the establishment of Islamic system in Pakistan.
36 Geographical Facts about Pakistan.
37 Population, Employment and social Infrastructure
38 Natural resources and mineral
39 Problems of Agriculture, economy, industries and also gov. actions and rules.
40 Pakistan and Afghanistan
41 Pakistan and Iran
42  Pakistan and Saudi Arabia
43 Economic Co-operation organization (E.C.O)
44  Causes and Aftermaths of the war of independence?
45 Write a note on Achievements and services of Sir Syed Ahmad khan?
46 Write a note on the factors behind the formation of Muslim league?
47Post independence constitutional development?
48 Critically analyze the constitutional imbroglio from 1947 & 1999?
49 Constitution of 1956 & 1973? 
50Write six points of Mujib-ul-Rehman and causes of the fall of the East Pakistan?


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