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Scope in Future or Career

English Literature is one of the most sought after colleges and universities in the United States, with large numbers of students enrolling each year due to its diverse nature and numerous opportunities for graduates. But with such a broad field of study, prospective students are often confused as to what a degree in English literature offers. This article explains what an English Literature degree looks like and the doors it can open to graduates.Common uses for an English literature degree include becoming a writer, researcher, or teacher.

Literature books

However, there are many other ways to use an English Literature degree. Some students use it as a step-by-step degree in Law, or today, some students will use it to start a journey in the world of digital marketing. Whichever route you ultimately take, this step can open the door to many rewarding career options.

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Chaucer Sophocles
Milton Marlowe
Donne Shakespeare
Pope Wilde
Wyatt Trollope
Surrey Ibsen
William Blake Beckett
Heaney Edward Bond
Ted Hughes Chekov
John Keats PROSE
Philip Larkin Bacon Part-II
S.T Coleridge Jonathan Swift
  Bertrand Russell
NOVEL Edward Said
Jane Austen Seamus Heaney
G. Eliot  
Hardy Aristotle
Conrad Raymond William
Jame Joyce Catherine Belsey
Woolf Philip Sidney
Achebe T.S Eliot
Ahmad Ali Literary Critiism
O’Neil History Of English Literature
Miller Linguistics
Hemingway Short Stories
Sylvia Plath Literary Essay
Adrienne Rich Terms
John Ashbury  
Richard Wilbury  
McQs pf Lierature

Objective Type Free Online English Literature Test

“The Tollund man” By Seamus Heaney


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