Nurse’s Song of Experience Analysis

Themes In This

  • The nature and exercise of power.
  • The Nurse is a watchman presence who stands separated from the youngsters however underpins instead of overwhelms them. There is no hint of a dictator wanting to smother and control, or jealousy of the youngsters’ opportunity, despite the fact that they test her position. Her pleasure is in their play.
  • This attendant resembles the shepherd in the sonnet of that name. Like him, her consideration is appeared by leaving the youngsters alone, and they are her wellspring of enjoyment and commendation.

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Nurse’s Song of Experience Critical Analysis

Unlike the illustration of the “Nurse’s Song” in the Songs of Innocence, the illustration of the poem here depicts a young, stern-looking governess who is scolding a sad-looking boy with long hair. Some will regard. this poem is Simply is the expression of disillusion at the unfulfilling promise of life’s promises. It may be so. But this poem is obviously contrasted with the earlier poem of the same title.

Blake had stated:

“There is no utilization in instruction. I hold it wrong”.

This faithful and loyal medical attendant is an exceptionally legitimate individual, who thinks that children waste precious time in playing and in acting charades when they might be occupied with their duties, or engaged in improving their minds. And, one critic says that when she thinks of the shocking things which she was tempted to do in her youth before she learned to be reasonable and earnest, her face turns pale and green with sorrow.

It is pure irony and shows that Blake might have been a satirist if he had chosen to laugh at the errors, which he condemned. But he preferred the prophet’s mantle. This Critical Analysis of the “Nurse’s Song” disciplinary nurse is a complete contrast to the kindly yielding soul of the ‘Nurse’s Song’ in the ‘Songs of Innocence’.


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