Alexander Pope Mock Epic Poet of The 18th Century

The Great Poet of 18th Century ‘Alexander Pope’.

The Rape of the Lock is a Mock epic poem by Alexander Pope. It is based on social satire and shows the vanity of the upper class.

Mock epic poet

Alexander Pope, the Mock epic poet of the 18th century was the most respected Poet in the Roman desert. As well as, he is one of the most important essences of the Augustinian era. Pope was a central figure of modern classicism in the early 18th century.

Alexander Pope Life

A Quick Look on the life of ‘THE GREAT POET ALEXANDER POPE’

Pope’s Famous Writing

The List Of Elegante Literary work By ‘POPE’

Pope Contribution

Whenever we term any great poem of English Literature as an epic, we, first of all, recall some basic requirements or demands which an epic requires. One of his best piece of writing ‘ Pope’s the Rape of the Lock’

An epic has some special traits or dimensions which are normally it’s grand style, theme, the heroic personality of the main figure, adventurous like atmosphere, long narrative style use of heavenly muse, etc.

Classical Poet of Mock Epic

The Epic writes in two styles. i) classical epic ii) mock-epic. The epic poem is written by John Milton. But writes this book about lock as a mock.

Syllabus Book

The Rape Of The Lock

Pope wrote dis poem on a very petty and trivial subject of rape of the lock of a pretty girl by a lord Petre Barren. It was a narrative poem and a mock-heroic poem. Because the Pope tells us about Belinda’s regret and overreaction on her loss of hair lock.

Before the cutting of the lock, Belinda was very conscious of the setting and fashion of her hair but after the loss of her pretty lock, she started imaging that it would be difficult for her to live in a society of fashionable and high society men and women.

So Pope describes the effect of the rashness which implied on the lady’s hair by Lord Peter. As. soon as Belinda came to know of cutting the lock of hair from her head, she became mad with anger and rage and expressed her acute temperament of the violation.

  • Important Reference & Explanation
  • Quotations
  • The Mock Epic
  • The Rape of the Lock retained it’s popularity to this day.
  • Mock Heroine/ Character Of Belinda
  • The metamorphosis of the epic In Rape The Lock
  • The realistic and graphic picture of 18th Century’s society in The Rape of the Lock
  • The Brilliant Picture of Fashionable Life
  • Pope As A Satirist.


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