An Introduction to the Holy Quran and its Characteristics

The Holy Quran was revealed on the Holy Prophet ﷺ in 23 years. After the declaration of His prophet hood at the age of 40. This is the most sacred book among the three others, Torat, Zabur and the Bible. Besides these four Holy Books, other small Sahi-fas were also revealed on other prophets.


  • By Quran means collecting, living beside and the recitation. By Quran, Allah means reading it again and again.
  • Allah named the Holy Quran in the following manners: Kitab, Al-furqan, Kalam, Zikar., Huda, Shifa, etc.
  • There are 114 Surah’s in the Holy Quran while by Surah means status, height, pitch, boundary, ‘elevation and mercy. By Surah, it is meant to be a chapter. In every Surah, there are verses called ayahs. By Ayah means sign or miracle. It means every Ayah of the Holy Quran is a sign of the Greatness of Allah. And every Ayah is a miracle in such a way that no creature among men, jins and angels can create such an Ayah.
  • The Holy Quran is divided into 30 parts called Paras and 7 Divisions each called Manzil.
  • It was revealed on ‘the Holy Prophet ﷺ through Wahi by the Great angel Jibrael عليه السلام.
  • The Holy Quran first started revealing at the age of 40. While the Holy Prophet ﷺ was in cave Hira three miles away from the Holy Mecca.
  • Up to 13 years the Holy Quran was revealed ﷺ in Mecca. When the Holy Prophet remained there after the Declaration of His prophethood. For 10 years the rest of the Quran was revealed in Madinah after he migrated to Madinah. Those Surah’s revealed in Mecca were called Mecca and those revealed in Madinah were called Madni Surah’s.
  • As soon as the verses of the Quran revealed. The followers of the Holy Prophet ﷺlearnt by heart and started following upon them.
  • The present Quran which we have’ in our hands is just the same copy of the Quran which is in LOHI MEHFUZ. Nobody could and even can not change even a single word. Because Allah himself has taken the responsibility of safeguarding the Holy Quran. While the other Holy Books like Torah, Zabur. And the Bible have been changed by the past generations to such an extent that most of their original matters have lost their originality of meaning and the text.
  • The Holy Quran can be introduced with the most important traits that no book can parallel it in his universe.

An Introduction to the Holy Quran and its Characteristics


1. The Quran is in the words of Allah:

. No book can claim to be in the language of Allah except the Holy Quran. This book is a relationship between man and God through the Holy Prophet ﷺ. This Book being the Book of Allah has its elevation to such an extent that nobody can judge of it.

2. Its Words are a Miracle:

The words of the Quran in the shape of verses are in such form that nobody can claim to construct such words and this is the great miracle which has been announced by Allah in the Holy Quran. It is also true that how the brain of the creature can compete the wisdom of Allah who is the Creator of all.

3. The Quran is Concise:

The matter in the Quran has been described in such a manner that it logically explains every relevant matter. Moreover, unnecessary and irrelevant things have been left out. There is repetition of certain events which have been happening in the previous generations. These events have direct effect and relationship with the circumstances around us today.

4. There is Depth in the Subject:

Though the language of the Holy Quran is simple yet there is great depth in the words. Every verse has a direct relationship with the events happening around us today and till the Doom! S Day. Moreover, every verse is a clear directive towards man’s life.

5. The Holy Quran Creates Mental and Social Revolution:

The Holy Quran is a book of revolution It is against dull life, lethargy, weakness and dishonour in life. It leads the Muslims toward progress and change. By progress Quran means economic mic and social progress, the Quran does not allow the Muslims to remain slave of others. The Quran orders them to adopt Jihad and break the bonds of slavery and bring out a social revolution in this world till they get command of this whole universe. They are ordered to break the forces of Shirk and bring down the great powers which are not Muslims till they accept Islam. The clear proof of this statement is that the Holy Prophet ﷺ and his followers fought more than 105 battles within ten years after the declaration of Jehad.

For a Muslin there is no rest. The Sahabah whenever came back from a war they were ordered by the Prophet ﷺ to go on another battle and in this way  à chain of wars and battles is found in the history of Islam during the period of the Holy Prophet ﷺ and the Khulfa-i-Rashidin. Actually it is the greatness of Muslims that they are accepted by Allah as His warriors. It is due to Jihad that Islam is found today in all the corners of the world. It is due to absence of Jihad that that a large part of world has not seen the light of Islam.

6. – The Holy Quran is the syllabus of Social Life:

The Holy Quran contains all matters social life beginning from family, passing through the education, politics, economy and ending up to religion. It discusses all the social institution of life, the Quran does not hesitate to discuss the husband and wife relationship and their delicate bonds in which they have been tied. The Holy Quran discusses on all economic matters pure, and impure and creating a fast line between them one for the Muslims and other for the non-Muslims. There are parent-children relationship; neighbour-hood principle, old and young relationship, ruler and ruled relationship and all the matters whatever come to happen in the life of man. Hence the Quran: can be called to be a syllabus of man’s social life.

7. The Holy Quran is a Guide to the Righteousness:

The Books describes two ways in this universe. One leads to the hell. This way passes through those actions and attitudes and beliefs which have been forbidden by Allah. The other way leads to the Heaven passing through the beliefs and behaviours dictated by Allah and the Holy Prophet ﷺ. In this way, this book is the true guide bf right and wrong for man on this earth.

8. There is no doubt in this Book:

This book is free from all doubts and suspicions. It is free from all mistakes and falsehood. This book is true in words and actions. Whatever has been said is free from all proofs and experimentation. If anybody finds any doubt about the Book, there is doubt in his brain. He tries to find out mistakes in this Great Book it means he has been led astray and fallen away from the true, path.

If he tries to make experimentation through observation of his eyes he will fail in his mission use, there is order in the Holy Book that the believer’s belief in the Holy Quran unseen i.e. without experimentation and observation. Because experimentation observation is related to material objects only. The spiritual matters are free from physical observations. They are only to be believed only by order of Allah. And this is called faith OLIM. in Islam. This Book creates a group of faithful people called Mominin and these are the Muslims the words of Quran, and the beliefs in the unseen

9. The Book is Shifa for the People:

In the words of the Quran, “there is Shifa for the people in this (Book)”. It means the Shifa has not been specified in certain diseases. It means the Book is Shifa for all the diseases of man when he believes in the Book. Especially those diseases which are not controlled by; the modern medical therapies have been controlled by the Holy Quran, the mental and heart diseases in the form of disruption, frustration, despair, restlessness and suicide etc. are those serious conditions of man” life which have been directly controlled by the recitation of the Holy Quran.

When you feel a trouble of this type you open the Holy Book, read it with love and keenness with the faith that no Book is superior to it in this world, then you find the result after a few moments that the clouds of ill health are removed from the brain and the heart. N therapy can claim to the solution of such diseases Such diseases are getting in large number due to the increasing modern technology in our life. Dissatisfaction and disorder is growing commoner in our life due to dis-satisfaction of social needs of people So in this period of frustration and aggression, the Holy Quran presents a very useful and simple treatment of the same.

10. The Book invites towards faith and willfulness:

The Holy Quran is against: despair and cowardice. It creates the forces of hope and directs towards the true path. This makes the Muslims to be an invincible power that is why he not hesitate to face even the greatest power if Kufar and Shirk. The Book creates the forces of bravery in its followers and makes them a dauntless power in the world. The Book invites the people toward Islam and the Muslims are given the force of truth. The weakness of falsehood and cowardice is removed from them.

As soon as they get into Islam by reading the Holy Kallima. “There is no deity except Allah, and Muhammad (SAW) is the Prophet of Allah” he gets a power within himself that the darkness of Kufr and Shirk is removed and he feels alight in his brain and heart. This light is the power of Islam, true guide, faith and Iman. This light remains a guide throughout life for the Muslims in this world.

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