How to offer Jumma in the days of Covid-19

Importance of Namaz-e-Jumma

Namaz of Patient according to Sharia

Reward of patient according to Islam

Ijtehad and reference of Namaz-e-Khof

Ijtihād, (Arabic: “exertion”) in Islamic law, the free or unique translation of issues not decisively secured by the Qurʾān, Hadith (customs concerning the Prophet Muhammad’s life and articulations), and ijmāʿ (academic agreement).

In the early Muslim people group each satisfactorily qualified legal adviser reserved the option to exercise such unique speculation, chiefly as raʾy (individual judgment) and qiyās (analogical thinking), and the individuals who did so were named mujtahids. In any case, with the crystallization of lawful schools (madhhabs) under the ʿAbbāsids (ruled 750–1258), legal advisers of the lion’s share Sunni part of Islam came to be related with some of the schools of law and defined their legitimate idea inside the system of their school’s interpretive standards and against the background of its doctrinal point of reference.

After some time, people’s capabilities to practice ijtihād were composed into levels, running from the supreme mujtahid, who was limited by no point of reference and allowed to build up his own interpretive standards, to the outright muqallid (“supporter,” “layman”), who was required to follow legitimate legal scholars unquestioningly.

How to offer Jumma in the days of Covid-19

Who is authority of deciding Jumma prayer?

Ulma, Mashaikh and Sovereign power of Pakistan

Source of information

Source of information

How to offer Jumma in the days of Covid-19

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