Signora Neroni Character in “Barchester Towers” is very important. Dr.Stanhopes who has a wife, two daughters and one boy, basically he himself and his wife are a careless kind of personalities. So, the growth of their children is done in a very open and baseless atmosphere. However, his eldest daughter Charlotte is a very household kind of daughter and cares for everything in the house. The youngest daughter Signora who is very beautiful and she has a pride of her beauty. She is in the habit of enjoying with the young folk and used to spend most of her time in chatting with the young boys and folk. She gets married to an Italian boy named Neroni. After the birth of her first daughter, Naroni proves to be a bad person and Signora (Madeline) went back to her parental house and started living with her parents.

Signora still feels pride in her beauty and spends most of her time with the young folk by gossiping and wants to hear or listen to the praises of her beauty from the others. Most of the men also liked her and they started remaining stayed around her while other women disliked her for her bold and vulgar kind of activities but Signora (Madeline) did not care about their criticism. She is always very much fascinated by her own charms, and beauty. She proves to be clever and witty but insensible in life manners.

She is also too much fond of wearing new trend clothes and dresses all the time. Dr.Stanhope who often becomes angry at Madeline’s spending extra money on dresses as his daughter Charlotte utters:

“She has little to amuse her Sir!”.

In volume II of the novel, we see that a counterpart of Mr.Slope is introduced in the shape of Mr.Arabian who is as unworldly and unmaterialistic as Mr.Slope is unscrupulous and worldly. The archdeacon appoints him as a rector to the church; hoping him to prove more than a match for Mr.Slope. It is this part of the novel in which we see that Eleanor suffers a lot on the basis of groundless suspicion and then Archdeacon openly declares that she is going to marry Mr.Slope. Further, she is irritated more by Mr.Arabin’s agreement with Archdeacon’s suspicions. Here, Mr.Slop’s true identity is exposed to us and he is put to shame by Signora Neroni when his false pretensions of love for her are exposed.

On the very important issue of the appointment of the dean of the church, Mr.Slope was very much interested in getting such kind of influential post. The reason being, he wanted to have great power and authority at high level. Mrs.Provdie was not in favour of granting, or assigning this post to Mr:Slope who had become in great confusion but his confusion was solved when he felt encouraged and satisfied by the newspaper, in which it was the younger people would be given preference in appointing the posts or places of influence in the church. A little later, we see that he was sent off to another diocese by the bishop on Mrs.Proudie’s allegations of his having illegal and unpriestly behaviour and relation with Signora Neroni because he often used to have silly and worthless flirtations with her. .

In brief, we can say that Signora Neroni, being very conscious and aware of her outer charms, beauty and seductive manner and gestures, allures and excites the young folk.

The beauty lovers and seekers of feminine charms, are easily succumbed by her beauty and channels of body freely and openly at any cost. The course of the action of the novel proves a very strange fact that whenever one succumbs to physical charms and beauty madly and deeply, is ultimately humiliated and shamed by her. So, it is right to say that Signora Neroni with her seductive charms and flirtation loves to put the male romanticism to shame.


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