Swift’s Travel To The Laputa is also full of miracles and far fetched ideas and imaginations. Laputa is an island which keeps flying at a height of two miles from the earth over the continent of Balnibarbi, is itself a miracle. The inhabitants of this land have strange shapes and faces; their heads either reclined to the right or to the left; one of the eyes either turned inward or other directly up to the Zenith, making us feel astonished.

Another fanciful account in which Laputans were holding flappers and bladders being fastened to the ends of short sticks, were actually used for occupying or capturing the intentions of the minds of their masters because they had become too much busy or engaged in the experiments and speculations that they could neither speak nor listen to others without being roused by some external action. One person is bound to feel strange when he learns that Laputans used to serve mutton, beef, pudding and other edibles in geometrical and musical shapes, They also used to praise any woman or animal in musical terms.

It looks very strange and awkward that males or men of this island were too much busy in their worthless experiments that they could not find free time for fulfilling the sexual desires of their wives and as a result, their wives used to resort to strangers for meeting their sexual desires. Similarly, Gulliver also witnesses many useless and baseless experiments in Lagado which are going on at the Academy of Projectors. How strange and fanciful it is that they were working on a project of extracting sunbeams from cucumbers and were also working on another project for restoring human excrement to its original food.

Their method of constructing the buildings was also very strange and farcical; they used to build from the roofs to the foundation. Apart from this, some other schemes were also under process at the school of political projects. Gulliver’s visit to the island of Glubbdubdrib is also very funny and interesting because here Gulliver meets with many ghosts and spirits of the great personalities of the past and was able to talk with them. In such great dead ones, there were the spirits of Alexander, Hannibal, Aristotle, Homer and Brutus. It is also worthy to note here that these immortals were feeling wretched and miserable because they longed for death which did not come to them.

To conclude this above mentioned discussion, we can say that a deep study and analysis of the whole story of Gulliver’s Travels show that in every chapter, there is plenty of fun and mirth. Some of the episodes are bound to give rise to boisterous laughter among the readers. Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels” is such a work which fulfills all the demands and requirements of an adventurous, wonderful, fanciful, strange account of stories. Swift’s Travel To The Laputa, The risks, thrills, suspense, shipwrecks, wonderful islands, strange but unimaginative creatures make this book a masterpiece of English Literature. 


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