Wyatt Important Poems Reference & Explanation


Wyatt Important Poems And Sonnets are outstanding. Wyatt was the first who introduced sonnet into English literature.

Wyatt Important Poems Reference No.1

By Thomas Wyatt

Explanation with Reference to the Context:

These lines have been extracted from the poem “They Flee From Me” written by Sir Thomas Wyatt. Being an abandoned lover, the poet complains and describes his pathetic situation after being left alone by his beloved. He tells the readers that once she was in his love by head and ears and used to enjoy all the benefits, provided by his high social position. The poet complains that his beloved left him alone without uttering any word of remorse or repentance on her departure from his life. In this poem, he also shows us two pictures of his love-story; on one side, he remembers the moments when he used to enjoy with his beloved after finding the privileges from his social and political status but on the other hand, he feels the pinching shocks and blows of the memories of these golden moments.

In the given selective lines under reference, the poet recalls the sweetest memories of the past life. It was not a dream because he was lying wide awake. But now everything has been changed and his beloved has cruelly forsaken him and set him free so that she may be able to find a new love and try her tricky and cruel nature on him. Here, we see that the poet has been treated so harshly that now he even wants to know her views about his little piece of verse in which there is a complaint with a riot of revenge. The poet utters in the following words: “But since that’l unkindly so am served How like you this, what hath she now dereved”?

Thomas Wyatt As A Poet Of Sonnet

His Contribution in English


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