General English Paper for CSS And PMS divided into seven parts; Precise Writing, Reading Comprehension, Grammar And Vocabulary, Sentence Correction, Grouping of the Words, Pair of Words, and Translation.


I. Precise Writing (20 marks)

An intentionally picked passage with a bearing of nonexclusive understanding and enough versatility for weight will be given for precising and proposing an appropriate title. Out of the hard and fast 20 engravings allocated to this request, 15 will go to precising the substance and 5 to proposing the title.

II. Reading Comprehension (20 marks)

A meticulously picked passage that is well off in substance anyway not very particular or control express will be given, trailed by five requests, each passing on 4 engravings.

III. Grammar and Vocabulary (20 marks)

Right use of Tense, Articles, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Punctuation, Phrasal Verbs, Synonyms, and Antonyms, etc.

IV. Sentence Correction (10 marks)

The sentences will be given each having an away from blemish with respect to language structure or highlight. The contenders will be drawn nearer to patch up them with really required correction just, without making inconsequential changes. No at any rate two sentences should have exactly the same issue, and 2-3 sentences will be established on the correction of highlight marks.

V. Grouping of Words (10 marks)

A sporadic overview of twenty articulations of moderate standard (neither amazingly basic nor totally new) will be given, be collected by the candidates in pairs of those having equivalent or converse ramifications, as may be clearly organized in the request.

VI. Pairs of Words (10 marks)

Ten seats will be given of clearly similar words in a paper of general English for CSS and PMS. With different ramifications, generally, perplexed in correspondence, for drawing out the qualification in the significance of any five of them by first explaining them in section and a short time later using them in sentences.

VII. Translation (10 marks)

Ten short Urdu sentences including fundamental course of action, basic terms and non-strict causal explanations. It will be given, be correctly changed over into English.


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