Town Planing And Urban Management Syllabus 2021,. It is an optional subject of CSS & PMS. Formerly, its syllabus contain the important topics are: Town Planning, Verifiable Perspective of Urban Planning, Urban Rural Differences and Hierarchy of Settlements,History of arranging in Pakistan And many others. Which detail given below;

Town Planing And Urban Management Syllabus Contents

i.Definition of Town Planning, Goals and targets of Town Planning: Town Arranging as a multi-disciplinary methodology and relationship of Town Planning with different callings.

II. Verifiable Perspective of Urban Planning: Planning of recorded towns in the world. Instances of arranged towns in Europe, Nile Valley locale, Euphrates and Tigris Valley locale and Indus Valley district (Mohenjodaro, Harappa, Kot Diji and Mehr Garh) and Gandhara Civilization.

III. Urban Rural Differences and Hierarchy of Settlements: Urbanization and its impacts on the earth of urban zones.

IV. History of arranging in Pakistan: multi year plans. V. Overseeing Urbanization

• How to oversee urbanization

• Best Practices

• Land use grouping approach

• Building and advancement control • Removal of infringements

• Introduction to Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

VI. Lodging people group and Economic Development: To get ready experts with the aptitudes and information on impartial turn of events. Duty to extending openings and giving quality life to burdened gatherings.

VII. Open Policy and Urban Design Management: Solving social and natural issues utilizing:

a. Financial matters

b. Arrangement examination

c. Political theory

d. Urban Design

VIII. Manageability, Environmental Policy and Planning: How society saves and deals with its common assets and attempts to advance turn of events.

IX. Urban Information Systems: Use of arranging related programming and spatial investigation apparatuses and frameworks i.e GIS.


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