How To Write Reference To Context Of “Oedipus Rex” in simple and comprehensive words. These paragraphs help the readers to understand the Sophocles play’s text with its critical approach. As it write below…

Reference Paragraph No; 1

Ah! Dear friend

Are you faithful even yet, you alone?

Are you still standing near me, You will stay here.

Patient to take care for the blind?

The blind man!

Yet even blind I know who it is attends me,

By the voice’s tone

Though my darkness hide the comforter.

Explanation with Reference to the Context:

These lines have been extracted from the scene IV of the tragic play . “Oedipus Rex” by ‘Sophocles’. The lines under discussion are uttered by King Oedipus in his state of self blindness. Even in an acute and severe pain of itching blindness, he speaks to a choragus. He says though in the state of blindness, he can’t see his face and physical gestures yet he can recognize him from his voice as who he is. Oedipus asks him by saying that is he still faithful and loyal to him even in his severe state of blindness? Will he care and look after a blind man who himself (blind man-Oedipus) can’t do any thing of good and favor to him. He means to say that a blind man can’t help of any kind to a man with seeing eyes.

Reference Paragraph No; 2

Let every man is mankind’s fraility

Consider his last day and let none

Presume on his good fortune untill he finds

Life, at his death, a memory without pain.

Reference to the Context:

These lines have been taken from the tragic drama “Oedipus Rex” written by ‘Sophocles’. The selective lines under discussion are spoken by choragus at the time when Creon leads Oedipus back into the palace. 


When truth is revealed, Jocasta commits suicide and Oedipus blinds himself and finally requests Creon to exile him. On this occasion, choragus speaks to the audience directly and points out that he was empowered and liked by all because of his wisdom and intelligence. Yet in the end, ruin swept over him and he was left in the destruction. These lines show the weakness and feeble position of human beings and impart us a universal message of great reality that we should never think of passing a perfect life. He further points out by saying that man is a lucky and happy person who dies without any tragic end of life and without any painful incidents.

Reference Paragraph No; 3

Do not counsel me anymore. This punishment that

I have laid upon myself is just!

If I had eyes

I do not know how I would bear the sight of my father when I come to the house of Death or my. mother for I have sinned against them both.

So vilely that I could not make my peace.

By strangling my own life.

Reference to the Context:

The selective lines have been extracted from scene IV of the drama “Oedipus Rex”, authored by ‘Sophocles’. As the truth of the affecting plague to Thebes is revealed, Jocasta commits suicide while Oedipus blinds his eyes with his own hands. In the state of utter blindness, the lines under discussion are spoken by Oedipus to Choragus. 


Even in the itching and painful state of blindness, Oedipus does not lose the power of his mind and memory. He tells others that whatever he has done to himself, done by his own will and decision. So, there is no need to advise him any more. He regards his punishment just and right. If he had eyes how could he have faced his father’s and mother’s sight against whom he has committed a great and heinous sin. Even hanging himself to death would not have brought him peace.

Reference Paragraph No; 4

To have been a man they call his mother’s husband. Oh accurst! Oh child of evil

To have entered that wretched bed the self same one!

Reference to the Context:

These lines have been taken from the scene IV of the play “Oedipus Rex” by ‘Sophocles’. The selective lines under discussion are uttered by Oedipus after knowing the truth of the reason inflicting plague to the people of Thebes. In the root cause of the inflicting epidem, it is said that it is due to the heinous sin committed by Oedipus in his past life. It was Oedipus himself who murdered his real father, married with his real mother and begot children from her womb. 


After knowing the reality of the sin as prophesied by Oracle; Oedipus decides to get his eyes blinded with his own hands. He does that whatever he proclaims. He curses himself by calling himself a cursed child of evil. He is bloody and accursed who committed incest in his own father’s bed. He longed that people would never have called him his mother’s husband.

Reference Paragraph No; 5

At a feast a drunken man maundering in his cups Cries out that I am not my father’s son!

I contained myself that night, though I felt anger And a sinking heart,

The next day I visited

My father and mother, and questioned them, they stormed,

Calling it all the slanderous rant of a fool,

And this relieved me.

Reference to the Context:

The selective lines have been extracted from scene II of the tragic Greek play “Oedipus Rex” authored by ‘Sophocles’. These lines (words) are spoken by Oedipus to Jocasta in the scene in which both are talking to each on the issue of step parents of Oedipus in his past life at Corinth. 


In the selective lines under discussion, Oedipus tells Jocasta about his past event of life. Once he happened to attend a feast where a strange change in his life started occurring. A drunken man in that local gathering declared in his utter state of intoxication that he was not his father’s son. Listening to these unimaginable and heart breaking words, he remained whole night in a state of depression, uncertainty and worry with a sinking heart. The very next morning of the day, he met to his assumed parents and told them about the drunken man’s utterance. His assumed parents got angry and called the drunken man’s allegation baseless and foolish talks.Here we see that in spite of his parents’ assurance and declaring the allegation baseless, Oedipus could not keep himself satisfied afterwards. A strange but real fact. started troubling in his mind in his coming life.


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