Important Topics International Law is an optional paper of both CSS and PMS Exams. Formerly, It dealt with conditions and circumstances between two countries. So, here are the some major and important topics of International Law CSS which contains images, important quotes, past papers.

why is it important to know about International law?

In all cases, global law is a significant piece of the structure of our worldwide society. It includes that states acknowledge it thus, and their record in watching it bears correlation with the degree of law recognition in numerous nations. It focuses on that universal law is a piece of the structure for it is an essential piece of it and not a discretionary extra; and that it is nevertheless one section in the general condition — significant, yet not to the prohibition of different parts. It clarifies that the significance of worldwide law is a component of its viability and its capacity to react to change. Both, right now and generally, are sufficient, however maybe just barely. It includes that neither can be removed for allowed. It explains that both need consideration and advancement inside a system of regard for the global guideline of law, if a steady universal request is to win.

Important Topics International Law CSS

1jurisdiction of states and courts (national and international)
2territorial waters 
3double nationality
4subjects of international law
5individuality and international law
6amicable means of settlement international law
7high seas
8de-jure and de- facto recognition
9territorial and extra territorial ascylm /states and sea
10ambassy of territorial states
11john austins’s opinion/theories
12rules of govt. of international law by muncipal courts
13treaties of all world
14international rivers and canals law
15extradiction and its principal
16neutralization and its right and duties 
17sources of international law
18security concile and status
20terrorism act in world
21effect of war and prisoners
22human right law
23veto and UN in world
24high jacking
25blackend and kinds
27voting for security councel in UN


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