Important Topics Of Sociology is the an optional paper of both CSS and PMS Exams. Formerly, It dealt with conditions and circumstances of Society and the people. So, here are the some major and important topics of Sociology CSS which contains images, important quotes, past papers.

Important Topics Of Sociology CSS


1Role of sociology in agriculture,health and industry
2Culture and citizen
3Social stratification is an inevitable for pak society
4youth is an asset
5Major work of Robert King Merton
6Objectives of NGOs
7Law of three stages by comte
8Suicide by Durkheim
9Groups contributions in society
10Max weber and Karl Marx views
11Pakistani cultrue nd society
12Social problems
13Feudal system in pak
14Issues of urbanization in pak
15Ibne Khaldoon views
16Forms of social classes
17internal nd external means of society
18Drug Abuse and Crime 
19international migration
20Theory of different association
21Division of labour
22Method of data collection
23Environmental and psychological factors
24institution and orginazation in pak
25Bureaucratic forum of government
26Modernization term in pak
27Poerty issue in pak
28Social science
29High divorce rate in pak
30Parole system in pak
31Factions and feude
32Role of C.W Mills in development
33HIV/AIDS in pak
34Biradri system
35Role of mosque
36Security as a social construct
37Term race and racism


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