Important Topics Of Public Administration are given blew;

Important Topics Of Public Administration CSS

1Basic elements of good governs 
2Devolution of good governs
3Structure and founction of good governs
4System of Personal Administration
5Max weber’ ideal bureaucracy
6Public Administration Planning process in pakistan
7Leadership style
8leadership style of Administration
9Political lead (in pak)
10political leadership
11Performance of budgets
12problems of budget
13Major thoughs of public administration 
14Major themes of public administration
15Major features of public administration
16Taylor’s management
17Scientific management
18Problems of coordination in public administration in pakistan
20bureaucracy development
21burearcracy function
22Irrational bureaucracy
23Effects of bureaucracy
24Polities /Administration dichomtomy
25Public administration and private Administration 
26Power and function Ombudsman officer in pakistan
27Controlling Administration
28Financial mismanagement
29Woodo wilson contribution in public Administration
30Relationship citizens and government
31Ecology of Bureaucracy
32Basic theme and theories of new public managements
33M.C Geoger theory
34Orgnization of Federal povision government 
35Orgnization of Federal povision government structure
36Implemation of public policy
37Democracy of public policy
38E-government in pakistan
39human resource management
41Judicail remedy
42Hawthrone theory
43The profreeional ethicals
44public coorporation in pakistan
45public coorporation problems In pakistan
46Administration law
47Administration accountability
48Communication problems between public and government
49Difference and similarities Administration
50Structure and founction of public comporation in pakistan
51system of Auditing in pakistan
52Major scope of public administration
53Herzbreg theoris in public administration
54Curruption in state
55public administration cuvul state
56Zero based budgeting
57Role of social media in developing
58Hailo effect
59Difference between power and authority
60Stereo typing
61public administration in moder welfare 
62public administration in moder development
63Nursing NPM goals by government
64Paliment and democratic effects in pakistan
65Orgnization goals by Masiouhierarchy
66Inherently political process
67Judicail activism
68public administration theory differ from others theories
69Rational incremental and NPM apporach
70Federal mistress and bodies 
71History of public administration
72public and private sectors
73Legal strengh in goven 
74Political system in government
75Project planning
76Provisions and social government
77L.S.P officers
78 Principle budget making
79Ordinance of 2001 and bureaucracy
80Provisional services as Recruitment
81Mr Pfiffner theory of plan
82public administration as a practice
83Operation of Hierarchies in government and government structure
84National Accuntability stratege
85Relation between national accountability stratege and National bureaucracy
86Devolution programm of government
87Democracy and political Neutrality
88policies of releing parties
89Democracy and public administration 
90Methods of Legislative control by bureacracy
91Role of agencies in management of government
92Finanational advise in federal ministries
93Government servants
94Present day Administrative
95Methods of coordination
96Service sector
97public personal management in pakistan
98Funds sector orignization 
99Typs of communications
100Role of executive
101Judicaily in public administration
102Finscal management /federal and provision
103Culture of pakistan in administration
104Administration ethices
105Role of judicail


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