Islam Means Peace ; Islam The Arabic word salaam (سلام) (“harmony”) begins from a similar root as the word Islam. One Islamic understanding is that singular individual harmony is achieved by completely submitting to Allah.

The perfect society as indicated by the Quran is Dar as-Salam, truly, “the place of harmony” of which it articulates: And Allah welcomes to the ‘home of harmony’ and aides whom He satisfies into the privilege path.

As per Ibn Hajar al-Haythami, there will be a time wherein equity, bounty, wealth, prosperity, security, harmony, and fellowship will win among humankind, and one in which individuals will encounter love, altruism, resilience, empathy, benevolence, and devotion. Muhammad said[citation needed] this favored period will be experienced through the intercession of the Mahdi, who will come in the final days to spare the world from mayhem, treachery, and good breakdown. He will kill pagan belief systems and stop the overall bad form. In addition, he will make religion like it was in the times of Muhammad, influence the Quran’s ethical lessons to win among humankind, and build up harmony and prosperity all through the world.

Islam Means Peace And There Is No Place Of Violence

In the light of the ongoing worldwide occasions that have tossed shadows on the way of thinking of Islam as a religion of harmony, ministers, free-thinking Muslims, and social activists had a conversation on the Islamic idea in Agra, where they asserted that the root word ‘Silm’ in ‘Islam’ itself signifies ‘harmony’.

Talking on this event, Islamic priest Hafiz Naeem said that another name of Allah is ‘As-Salam’, which additionally implies harmony. Along these lines, Allah Himself is harmony and, additionally the wellspring of harmony. He said that in the Holy Quran, Paradise is called ‘Dar-us-Salam’ or the home of harmony, while the Prophet is alluded to ‘Rahmat-ul-Alamin’ signifying ‘benevolence to all humanity’.

He said that all the refrains of Quran have an undertone of harmony, either legitimately or in a roundabout way. For example, the Holy Quran says ‘Sulh Khayr’, which signifies ‘Compromise is ideal’. It implies harmony is best which has been received by Sufis as ‘Sulh-e-Kul’, a belief system which was resulting from Agra, signifying ‘harmony with all’.

He said the absolute first stanza in Quran has an implication of harmony and Islam means peace. . It says ‘Alhamdullillah Rabbil Alameen’, which signifies ‘All acclaim is because of God, the Lord of the Universe’.

“On the off chance that anybody lives in the air of loathe and brutality, he can’t state Alhamdulillah, which is a feeling of rush and ought to be liberated from any antagonism, despise, and vengeance. Along these lines there is a bad situation for brutality in Islam.”

Social extremist Syed Irfan Salim said that, “A story that has been told in the Holy Quran which gives an away from of what Allah needs from all humanity”.

Once, a partner of the Prophet asked Allah, “O Prophet, offer me an ace guidance by which I might have the option to deal with all an incredible issues.” And, the Prophet answered, “Don’t be furious”.

He said that each evident devotee or ‘Momin’ is a constructive character in each sense. All the Islamic prerequisites Kalma, Salat, Roza, Zakat, and Haj could be performed property just with a positive psyche. Mohd. Ashfaq Khan, exporter and free-thinking Muslim said that The ‘One God One Religion’ reasoning means to spread love, amicability and tranquil concurrence among individuals having a place with various strict convictions, in the center of which is the government assistance of human race. God has sent Prophets to clean the hearts of people, other than reviving modesty, humankind, confidence, and sympathy in them.

All Prophets attempted their lives towards achieving the above order of Allah through their lessons and a large number of them even relinquished their lives towards their goals.

He said that while harping on various everlasting profound lessons, people need to initiate laws to meet the exigencies of a quickly globalizing world to set up and secure harmony and concordance among countries, training dependent on resistance, a conclusion to abuse and reclamation of harmony, agreement on the planet.

Gyas Qureshi, a representative, and social lobbyist said that regularly, accursed components advance bias, enthusiasm, brutality, scorn, psychological warfare, radicalization and preference through questionable translations of sacred texts, which ought to all things considered and seriously be denounced and countered.

In current occasions, when disruptive and detestable components are frequently putting the world near the precarious edge of breakdown, through their crazy philosophy and troublesome story, individuals around the globe should seek after to guarantee lowliness, humankind, and agreement among people to satisfy the desires of God and the destinations of the Prophets.


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