Remembrance Of Allah, Zikar, or recognition of Allah, includes two principle thoughts: development of your tongue and its belongings in your heart. It ought not exclusively be felt as development of your tongue, yet in addition felt somewhere down in your heart.

Expressing the favored expressions of “Subhan Allah” and “Alhamdu lillah” is, obviously, in itself an abundance. Be that as it may, when you become profoundly occupied with the Zikar of Allah, you can genuinely feel the virtue and love of Allah and His religion.

Zikar reverberates with the particular words, yet in a more extensive degree, suits the recitation of the Quran, spreading consideration, and talking great of others. From this, we discover that any great deed with the correct aim is a type of Zikar.

Remembrance Of Allah And Sufi

It is One of the most cherished acts of the Sufi way is zikr, the recognition of Allah. To be in solidarity with Allah is to be in a consistent condition of recognition of the wellspring of all creation. As in solidarity is the most profound condition of give up to Allah, this is the genuine zikr, and is the objective of the Sufi way. As a way to accomplish that state, zikr as a ritualized practice was gave to understudies of tasawuf (Sufism) by Prophet Muhammad (harmony arrive)

Zikar Allah.

Advantages and prize (Zikar -E – ILA HI)

Zikar, incorporating every single great deed like supplication, presenting Quran, and spreading Islam, conveys the respect of being the best deed a Muslim can perform. Taking part in Zikar permits us to play out the best of activities and raises our position to the most elevated according to Allah.


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