Donne is well known as a metaphysical poet. He alternates the concept of love and the lover in Elizebathen age. He uses the number of Conceits and similes to elaborate on his meaning. His contribution to poetry is equal to Shakespeare’s work for drama.

Life Of  John Donne

Donne supplanted life
A Quick Look on the life of ‘John Donne’

Donne Literary Life

When we study the poetic works of different poets in detail, we come to know one thing. The influence of the past poets is very much observed in the compositions and works of the present poets. Most of them follow the set pattern rules of the poetry of the past poets.

As far as the case of Donne’s poetry is concerned this is entirely different from set pattern rules and conventions of the Elizabethan age. His contribution to English poetry is as important as that of Shakespeare in the world of English drama. Though he revolted against the set pattern rules of the poetry of Elizabethan age yet his poetry got a very huge popularity and fame among the generation of his own time as well as in the coming generations.

Donne Famous Writing

Literary books written by Doone
The List Of Elegante Literary work ‘John Donne’

Donne’s Contribution

In seventeenth-century, Donne is Pioneer in his skill of poetry. As compared to his contemporaries he changes the concept of Puritan Love. He writes about the mingling of two powerful streams of passion that everyone faces in his life.

He always gives a surprising variety of mood and attitude to the emotions or feelings. His poems are equally passionate and sensual. Sometimes, his poems become cynical in their appeal.

The passion always dominates his poetry and becomes the top quality of his poems. The canonization comes immediately to mind.

Metaphysical Poet

Donne's Metaphor
Donne in Metaphysical School

Donne’s Metaphysical Poetry

When we have a deep study of the meaning of the term ‘Metaphysics’; we come to know that it has philosophical, obscure, ingenious, fantastic and ethereal meanings in itself. Metaphysics in poetry is the over-ripe fruit of the Renaissance. The true genius of Donne’s poetry is that it is reflective and philosophical, therefore it is called metaphysical poetry.

Mostly, Donne has written his love poems in metaphysical poetry. Being an ardent lover, he has very beautifully defined love in its various contents. He talks about human love in a term metaphysical.

features of donne poetry
The methodology of Writing by’Donne’

Use of Conceits, Metaphors, and Similies

Donne’s conceits, Similies, extended metaphor, and metaphysical conceit in a unique and superb way. Though some other; very prominent poets of English Literature have made as very good use of conceits yet Donne’s implementation. His conceits excel from all the other poets of using this genre. The other Poets and Critics like john Dryden, Samuel Johnson and so on, appreciate his work.

There is a number of poems that elaborate on his literary skills and still develop the interest and attract the reader. Such as “Compass”, Flee”, “Hemispheres”, “Falling stars”, “coins” and “states”.

book for exame
Syllabus Book for’Part I’

The Love And Divine Poem

Donne’s poetry can be divided into two portions. The love poetry of his earlier period and religious poetry of his later period. His “Song and Sonnets” is a tremendous achievement in love poetry.

The main themes, he deals with Love, Sexuality, Religion, and death. He gives so many examples for these in a handsome way. He also uses different styles and moods in his writing.

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