Political Science Syllabus 2021 Contents are; Comparative and Analytical Study of Political Systems, Global and Regional Integration, Comparative and Analytical Study of Political Systems, Political Movements in India (Colonial Period), Government and Politics in Pakistan, International Relations, And etc.




Part-A (30 Marks)

  1. Comparative and Analytical Study of Political Systems:
  • Political System of U.S.A, U.K, France, and Germany
  1. Global and Regional Integration
  • Globalization and Politics,
  • Global Civil Society,
  • Regional politico-monetary incorporation and the authoritative structure of the European Union,
  • SAARC, ECO, International Financial Regimes IMF and WTO.

Political Science Part-B (70 Marks)

III. Comparative and Analytical Study of Political Systems:

  • The political system of Turkey, Iran, Malaysia, India, and China.
  1. Political Movements in India (Colonial Period):
  • Ascent of Muslim Nationalism in South Asia and Pakistan Movement (with uncommon reference to the job of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, and Quaid-I-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah)
  1. Government and Politics in Pakistan:
  • Constitution-production from 1947 – 1956,
  • A similar and basic examination of 1956, 1962, 1973 Constitutions of Pakistan,
  • Constitutional Amendments cutting-edge,
  • Federal Structure in Pakistan, and Central-Provincial relations after the eighteenth amendment,
  • Political Culture of Pakistan,
  • Political Developments and the Role of Civil and Military Bureaucracy, Judiciary, Feudalism,
  • Dynastic Politics, Political Parties, and Interest Groups,
  • Elections and Voting Behavior,
  • Religion and Politics,
  • Ethnicity and National Integration.
  1. International Relations:
  • History of International Relations:
  • Post World War-II (WW-II) Period.
  • International strategy of Pakistan:
  • National Interests and Major Determinants else
  • Size/Geography
  • Economic Development
  • Security
  • Advancement in Technology
  • National Capacity…………


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