English writing, Discuss and give practice about the important skills and key notes for better and enhance your English. And create ability in you, to face the present challenges with new requirements and moderation.

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Definition Of Spellings

  • 1.The shaping of words from letters as per acknowledged utilization : ORTHOGRAPHY
  • 2: a succession of letters creating a word
  • 3: the manner by which a word is spelled

Defination of Punctuation

It is imprint, for example, full stop, comma, and sections, utilized recorded as a hard copy to isolate sentences and their components and to explain meaning.

Defination Of Composition

It is use to an inventive work, particularly a sonnet or bit of music in sentence.



Diction and Style

It can be characterized as style of talking or composing, dictated by the selection of words by a speaker or an author. Phrasing, or selection of words, regularly isolates great composition from terrible composition. It relies upon various elements. At first, the word must be right and accurate. Additionally, words should be appropriate to the setting in which they are used. At last, the choice of words should be with the ultimate objective that the crowd or peruse sees with no issue.






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